Supplements, Diet and Exercise for Healthy Aging

Recently a television health expert was discussing the topic, “How to Stay Young Looking” for the post-50 set. It was pretty much the standard ‘take good care of your skin, eat right and exercise’ list until the last item. He stated, “Take your drugs every day. One of the best ways to look younger is to stay healthy.” Wait a… Read more »

When Are You Planning to “Get Old?”

When are you planning to get old? According to a recent study, you’d better move the date back. “Contrary to common belief, many people can live well into their 90s without becoming cognitively impaired, study findings indicate.” But statistics are statistics.

Health Tips for Seniors

Small changes every day can add up to make big differences! Check out this health article and find what health tips work for you!

Shingles Vaccine Information

If you have questions or concerns about the Shingles vaccine, here is a helpful article with more information.

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