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Colony Center Resident Creates Painting Masterpieces

ABINGTON, MA – January 18, 2018 – The Colony Center for Health and Rehabilitation is home for 60-year-old resident, John Kilroy. But Kilroy isn’t an ordinary resident at the facility: he’s a professional artist, and he continues his work at the Colony Center to this day.

Kilroy has studied art since he was 15 years old. After graduating from the Art Institute of Boston, he began a 40-year career as an internationally-known fine artist. He has taught at many institutions and founded his own school, The John Kilroy Fine Art Academy, to teach aspiring young artists. The academy is located in Rockland.

A self-portrait of John Kilroy.

Kilroy came to the Colony Center in late December 2016. Since then, some of his pieces include painting his fellow residents, a saxophone entertainer, and a staff member’s granddaughter. He says he has a “Colony Collection” of all the paintings and portraits he’s done while living at the facility.

Kilroy’s paintings at the Colony Center.

On the John Kilroy page of the New York Optimist website, Kilroy states his goal is to create authentic expressions in his work. He tries to convey what a picture “says” as best as he can.

On reflection, Kilroy has found “his most successful paintings are those directly done from life.” Kilroy’s ongoing “Colony Collection” focuses on life at the Colony Center, and the stories that have yet to be told. With this focus, Kilroy may have many more successful paintings in his future. They will all tell a story about this stage in his great artistic journey.

To view more of Kilroy’s work, visit the New York Optimist website: