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Operation Defeat COVID-19



Infection Control Protocols

NHCA COVID-19 Employee Training

Mandatory supplemental training for all Center employees about COVID-19 and best practices for patient care, infection control, and personal safety – building on the training they already receive at regular intervals during the year.

NHCA Hand Hygiene

Strict handwashing hygiene, and infection control protocols have been enforced and closely monitored in all NHCA Centers.

NHCA Employee Screening

All staff are screened daily and closely monitored for possible exposure or illness in accordance with infection control best practices and state and federal guidelines.

NHCA Personal Protective Equipment

We stockpiled sufficient Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure that all team members in our Centers have appropriate PPE.

NHCA Clinical Care

Our clinicians are constantly circulating to observe residents and ensure that all housekeeping, hygiene and infection control measures are being properly carried out and to respond to any questions.

NHCA Employees Rally Together for #OperationDefeatCOVID-19