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Senior Living


24 Hour Assisted LivingĀ  & Rehabilitation Solutions

National Health Care Associates offers assisted living services in our Cascades Assisted Living and Pines at Heartwood locations. Both locations offer a variety of assisted living options for seniors requiring basic help with living skills, like bathing, showering, dressing, medications, personal hygiene, and eating, but do not need constant 24/7 medical monitoring.

The major difference between an assisted living center and a skilled nursing center is that the residents living in a nursing center require round-the-clock monitoring for major chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. Assisted living is ideal for those who have some problems with mobility and personal care skills but are not able to live alone in their homes.

Assisted living helps older adults be active and more social. Studies show that adults who are immobile, unable to drive or have trouble walking become depressed due to isolation. Assisted living is a remedy for the problem.

Contact a center today for a tour and to learn more about their specific services offered:

The Cascades Assisted Living
13 Parklawn Drive, Berkshire Corporate Park, Bethel, Connecticut 06801
Phone: (203) 830-7390

The Pines at Heartwood Assisted Living Program
2405 15th Street, Troy, New York 12180
Phone: (815) 266-9654